Talent Pool


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Product Description

Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Richard Buckley,AstraZeneca
Robert W. Perkins,AstraZeneca
Dr. Stephen G. Farrand, Schering-Plough Research Institute
Deborah A. Jorn, Schering-Plough Research Institute
E. Todd Johnson, The Sanofi-Aventis Group
Dr. Juergen Lasowski, The Sanofi-Aventis Group
Christine C. Mayer, The Sanofi-Aventis Group
Glenn Warner, TAP Pharmaceutical Products

Biotech POOL
Dr. Sylvie Gregoire, GlycoFi
Dr. Janet M. Hock, Aastrom Biosciences
Dr. Francois Lebel, MedImmune
Dr. Douglas J.P. Squires, Biovail

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Noah Beerman, Indevus Pharmaceuticals
Dr. James E. Shipley, Indevus Pharmaceuticals
John Tucker, Indevus Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Suzanne L. Bruhn, Transkaryotic Therapies
Dr. Neil Kirby, Transkaryotic Therapies
Dr. Paul M. Martha, Transkaryotic Therapies
Gregory D. Perry, Transkaryotic Therapies
Dr. Robert T. Hrubiec, Cephalon
Dr. Elizabeth M. Mutisya, Cephalon
Dr. Brian E. Huber, Adherex Technologies
Dr. Alton B. Kremer, Progenics Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Carolyn F. Sidor, EntreMed
Kevin Young, Gilead Sciences

Specialty POOL
Dr. Peter Elias, Osmotics
Dr. Timothy Hsu, Somaxon Pharmaceuticals
Dr. C. Richard Lyttle, Nuvios
Dr. Harry Mansbach, Cortex Pharmaceuticals
John McBride, Gloucester Pharmaceuticals
Dr. William McCulloch, Gloucester Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Carol Olson, Immtech International
Dr. Ludo Reynders, aaiPharma
Dr. David N. Taylor, Salix Pharmaceuticals

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Dr. Vijay Aggarwal, Aureon Biosciences
Kevin Johnson, Aureon Biosciences
Nancy Kolb, Inlet Medical
Jeffrey Rencher , Inlet Medical
Caren L. Mason, Quidel

Emerging POOL
Richard U. De Schutter, Metaphore Pharmaceuticals

Association POOL
G. Steven Burrill, San Francisco Mayor’s Biotechnology Advisory Council
Daria Blackwell, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Lisa Courtade, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Linda DaSilva, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Kimberly Farrell, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Cathy Kerzner, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Nancy Larsen, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Ilyssa Levins, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Elizabeth Mutisya, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Debra Newton, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Patricia E. Pesanello, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Barbara Pritchard, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Christine C. Zak, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Dr. Michael Gottlieb, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Kathleen Nolan, National Governors Association

Agency POOL
Matt Duka, Insight Interactive Group
Josh Krauss, Insight Interactive Group
Cara Levinson, Insight Interactive Group
Todd Miller, Insight Interactive Group
Paul Moscarello, Insight Interactive Group
Sherri Jaffe, Cohn & Wolfe
Kathleen Lewton, Waggener Edstrom Strategic Communications
Art Marchesini, Advanced Health Media
Lorraine Pastore, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
Linda Szyper, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
Marci Piasecki, Torre Lazur Communications
Peter Zamiska, The CementWorks

Consulting POOL
Victor Bradley, BBK Healthcare
Matthew Kibby, BBK Healthcare
Rob Laurens, BBK Healthcare
Karen Rumrill, BBK Healthcare
Linda Wolf, BBK Healthcare
Dr. Steven Chen, Kline & Company

Dr. Elizabeth A. Bonomo, Covalent Group
Dr. Oren Cohen, Quintiles Transnational
Dr. Robert J. Davis, ResearchPoint
Gilbert Godin, MDS Pharma Services
Dr. Steven Nagel, PRA International
Dr. Antoni A. Piergies, Parexel International
Edward A. Steele, Kendle
Jim Volpe, i3 Research

Contract-Sales POOL
Nancy McCarthy, PDI

Media POOL
Phil Beninato, Jobson Education Group
Chris Colatriano, Jobson Education Group
Lisa S. Cooke, Jobson Education Group
Mary Ellen Jones, Jobson Education Group
Lawrence Sherman , Jobson Education Group

Medical-Education POOL
Paul F. DeLisle, The Center for Advanced Medical Education
Dr. Kathleen Ingalls, The Center for Advanced Medical Education
Dr. Sheila Deymann, Clinical CONNEXION
Laurie Ermentrout, Clinical CONNEXION
Dr. Marge M. Thorell, Clinical CONNEXION

Service POOL
Dr. Frank K. Bedu-Addo, KBI BioPharma
Kathy S. Lee , KBI BioPharma
Dr. Firoz R. Mistry, KBI BioPharma
David R. Carlucci, IMS Health
Michael Choukas, BBCI
Dr. Gerald Faich, BBCI
Denise Dixon, WRB Communications
Jay Hartmann, Dimensional HealthCare
Jack Lepping, Dimensional HealthCare
Colleen McArdle, Dimensional HealthCare
Joy Pollard, Dimensional HealthCare
Mike Kelly, IMAP Research
Susan Montanile, Medi-Promotions
Kristin Ortlieb, Alliance Healthcare Information

Technology/Web POOL
Joy D. Choate, DFB Pharmaceuticals
Erika Hanley-Onken, Intrasphere Technologies
Patterson Shafer, Intrasphere Technologies
Shaw Newman, RxEOB
Matt Shanahan, Teranode