A New Odyssey to Rediscover Mentoring


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    For those who recall their classical literature, the term “mentor” is a bit dated. It traces back 2,800 years or so to The Odyssey in which Ulysses asks his trusted servant, Mentor, to provide his son with instruction that covers “every facet of life — physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social, and administrative development.” Clearly, Ulysses recognized the worth of personal tutelage, and his dedication to instruction should inspire us today. What is needed is a new odyssey — in our pharmaceutical world and elsewhere — to rediscover the value and opportunities that mentoring offers to those at the top of the corporate ladder and those who are on the way up.
    Two primary factors have contributed to the decline of mentoring. First is the exigency of survival in a remarkably tough economic environment. Second is the fact that the average tenure of today’s professionals at a company is only two to three years. Both factors have contributed to a CEO focus on the short term versus the long-term investment that mentoring takes. But investment is precisely the point. Mentoring is an investment — in an individual, a company, an industry, and the future. It’s an emotional and mental investment as well, rewarding both the mentor…