Simon Best — Striking the Right Chords for Success


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The one-time tour manager of a successful British pop band has adapted his leadership skills to some highly taxing and complex areas, such as cloning and genetic modification. Simon Best is taking the lessons he has learned in the music business and the life-sciences industry to turn Ardana Bioscience into a leader in reproductive health.
Simon Best is one of a kind. The chairman and founder of Ardana Bioscience Ltd., a British specialty pharmaceutical company focused on reproductive health, has one of the most diverse backgrounds in the life-sciences industry. And at each step in his career, Mr. Best has been on the cutting edge.
As a music student at The University of York, he formed his own jazz fusion band. He was tour manager of the 1980s British pop band, The Human League, which was one of the first garage bands and keen proponents of emerging technologies such as synthesizers. Later, Mr. Best became deeply involved in two controversial areas of science: genetic modification and cloning, the former at Zeneca Plant Science, and the latter at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, most famous for Dolly the sheep…

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