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The marketers of Cox-2 anti-inflammatory drugs, have enjoyed two years of record-breaking sales, but with new products poised to come to market, the challenge will be to hold onto their strong positions.
Cox-2 inhibitors entered the market with a splash with the launch of Celebrex in 1998. The Pharmacia/Pfizer co-marketed arthritis pain medication is now the No. 6 selling prescription medication in the United States. Six months later, Merck & Co.’s Vioxx entered the market, and is now selling just slightly less than Celebrex, holding the No. 14 position.
Celebrex and Vioxx have taken considerable patient share from classic NSAIDs over the past two years, but they face a challenge from second-generation Cox-2 inhibitors making their way through the pipeline. Merck and Pharmacia/Pfizer each are working on a second-generation of Cox-2 inhibitors, with Novartis planning its own entry. Pharmacia/Pfizer’s valdecoxib should go before the Food and Drug Administration for approval early next…

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