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For products that are not performing to expectations, a relaunch can revitalize a stale brand, highlight new clinical evidence, or give a product another chance to reach the patients it was designed to treat.
With each therapy that a pharma company produces, the goal is to create and own a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Sometimes that goal is not met. Sometimes the marketplace changes. Or sometimes marketers want to reinvigorate a brand. This may require a relaunch, which means marketers often have to retrace their steps to discover what was lacking in the brand’s message and positioning.
“To justify a relaunch of a product, there has to be a serious enough shift or change with the product or the marketplace that either strengthens or erodes its competitive advantage,” says Sean McLoughlin, product manager, new product planning, at GlaxoSmithKline. “Internal variables that may justify a relaunch would include a new indication, a new formulation, or significant new clinical studies. Some external variables include a change in the competitive landscape, such as a void created by a product that was pulled from the market; epidemiological shifts, for example large TB outbreaks may be cause to relaunch a TB product; or cultural shifts, for example renewed interest in international travel may be cause to relaunch an antimalarial product…

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