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Playing on consumers emotions is the common theme for this month’s featured ads. Each ad touches on a human condition in a different way, using dramatic imagery, copy, and humor.
Aventis Pharmaceutical’s Taxotere ad conveys honesty, realism, control, strength, and liberation through the use of a dramatic and poignant image. The ad provides a powerful connection to the breast-cancer product Taxotere.
Wyeth-Ayerst’s ad for Effexor uses compelling copy to hit the right emotional note. The copy addresses not just the patient suffering from depression but their loved ones — bringing patients and families back together again is a powerful message especially when conveyed with an equally strong image.
Taking a different tact is Bayer’s ad for Adalat, which conveys its message through a humorous and arresting visual and clever copy. Together they clearly communicate the cardiovascular drug’s benefit.

Contributed by Dorene Weisenstein, Executive VP/creative supervisor, Ribotsky Worldwide Inc.

Wow! If a picture could say a zillion words, it would be this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover and strong advocate for incredibly intriguing copy, but when there is an image like this one — how could one not be affected? This picture couldn’t depict empowerment, strength, and the fight…

Contributed by Fran Davies, VP, Creative Director of Ted Thomas Associates, A Vox Medica Company

I have always admired the way this campaign was able to execute an insightful strategy by telling an emotionally compelling story. The idea that depression affects not only the lives of patients, but also those closest to them, proved to be a motivating message to…

Contributed by Chris Snell, president, creative services, inChord Communications Inc.,

There seems to be a consensus that it’s not “fair” for pharma ads to be judged by the same criteria as “other” advertising. That’s always frustrated us at Gerbig, Snell/Weisheimer because we believe that healthcare professionals are consumers first and clinicians second. Can the message not be so clinical? Can a single, clear benefit be the sole focus…