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Abrand is not a color or a single image or a typeface. It is also not a cartoon character, illustration, or icon. While these are all elements of branding, when considered individually, they merely represent a product or service. A brand is a promise — a promise of benefit to your target audience. It goes beyond imagery and words.
Brands provide tangible and intangible benefits to people at an individual level. All of us have driven an extra mile, waited a little longer, or skipped a purchase altogether because we have wanted a specific brand name. Brand-seeking behavior is often the result of a specific product or service becoming part of the fundamental thinking processes.
Well-understood in the world of consumer products, true branding is a relatively misunderstood concept within the pharma industry. Yes, there are exceptions. Many marketers, however, confuse consistency in colors and other graphic elements with true…

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Guy Mastrion is executive VP/managing director-creative at Palio Communications.