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The full impact of the Internet’s capability to create strategic marketing and selling tactics in the pharmaceutical industry has yet to be realized. The Internet’s impact on pharmaceutical marketing and sales has been negligible to date, but when used to complement traditional tactics, the future potential of the Internet is in its infinite ability to allow marketers to develop personalized messages.
For the most part, pharmaceutical companies have been cautious about embracing Internet-based marketing and sales tactics. And for good reason, says Norman Selby, who served as a senior officer of Citigroup from 1997 to July 2000. Before leaving Citigroup, Mr. Selby created and led the company’s Consumer Internet Business, which was responsible for central consumer Internet initiatives. Mr. Selby now sits on the board of Medsite Inc., an Internet marketing and pharmaceutical services company, as well as on the…

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Norman Selby, Boardmember, Medsite, Inc. and Millennium Pharmaceuticals.