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Creativity in the pharmaceutical industry involves more than just a pretty picture and some clever words. The development of an impactful, and successful, creative campaign starts with good strategy. This month, Abelson-Taylor’s Hytrin Balloon campaign was identified by two healthcare advertising creative executives as having a good, strong strategy and an equally strong creative effort. At the time of its debut in 1993, the Hytrin Balloon campaign was considered ground breaking. Today, the ad still resonates with creative directors as an example of simplicity and power.

Contributed by Jeff Lipman, VP, creative director, Catalyst Communications Inc

The Hytrin Balloon is the “Ad I Wish I’d Done,” says Jeff Lipman. The borrowed interest is a simple and telegraphic approach for BPH. Every detail of the imagery, from the color and shadow to the highlights, was meticulously thought out. The payoff headline, “Free the Flow” works in harmony with the imagery of the clear…

Contributed by Scott Watson, VP, creative director, Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare Worldwide

The Hytrin balloon embodies all of the classic branding and marketing characteristics … and more. I first remember hearing about this advertisement in the halls of Torre Lazur, then Salthouse Torre Norton. Although that was years ago, I vividly remember the buzz…

Contributed by Abby Mansfield and Bill Dutton, VP, Creative Directors, at Topin & Associates Inc.

Timelessness …the test of all great ads. And this one surely passes the test. After almost 50 years, the Bentyl Spasm ad is still current, effective, and delivers tremendous impact.
The ad is really the epitome of less is more. The metaphor of the slinky simply communicates the benefit of Bentyl, and nicely balanced copy…

Demulen 1/35
Contributed by Vince Parry, Executive VP, Chief Creative Officer, Sudler & Hennessey

I love this ad every time I see it. Rather than just telling a story, it accomplishes what every ad should: it creates a relationship between the brand and the viewer. Too many ads are so literal and overstocked with information that the message gets sent, but without the emotional force that imprints a reader with empathy and desire. Ads should…