Improving Patient-Directed Communications


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Product Description

New technologies are unlocking a wide range of options for improving patient-physician communications at every step along the treatment journey.
Physicians are busy… Patients are anxious… The breakdown in communications in the exam room caused by these two simple factors — and many others — is not new. But more communications tools are being developed to aid the patient-physician interaction. PharmaVOICE polled half a dozen leaders involved in improving physician-patient communications to determine the key issues, best practices, and hurdles associated with the new technologies.

Study Assesses the Quality of Physician Communication
Sound Bites from the Field

Kathleen Bonetti is VP of Marketing at Rx Edge. For more information, visit
Chris Cresswell is General Manager, Innovative Partner Solutions, at United BioSource Corp. For more information, visit
Chris Delaney is CEO at Insignia Health. For more information, visit
Tom McDonnell is Product Director, Vyvanse Marketing, Shire. For more information, visit
Kirsten York is VP of Return on Focus. For more information, visit

Thought Leaders

Bob Harrell. Director of Integrated Marketing, Shire Pharmaceuticals, a global specialty biopharmaceutical
company. For more information, visit
Liz Kay. VP, Account Services, Healthcare Practice, Cramer, a digital marketing and event solutions agency that fuses creativity and technology to design and execute experiences that move audiences. For more information, visit
Paulo Machado. CEO, Founder, Health Innovation Partners LLC, a company that is committed to identifying, developing, introducing, and expediting the adoption of innovative business solutions that align healthcare stakeholders and exceed client expectations. For more information, visit
Meaghan Onofrey. President, MBS/Vox, part of CommonHealth, a research-based consultancy that specializes in reality-based approaches to marketing insight based on dialogue between physicians and patients, patients and patients, physicians and physicians, and other healthcare interactions. For more information, visit
Ronald Rooth. CEO, Emmi Solutions, which creates interactive Web-based communication solutions that engage patients across the continuum of care. For more information, visit
Chris Sullivan. U.S. Director for Healthcare Provider Solutions, Health and Life Sciences division of Microsoft Corp., which addresses the specific needs of providers, health plans, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. For more information, visit
Stanley Wulf, M.D. VP and Chief Medical Officer, InfoMedics, a pharmaceutical services provider that delivers clear, actionable patient feedback to physicians about their patients — treatment experience. For
more information, visit