Push for Transparency Creates New Environment for KOLs


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While the debate on the ethics and value of key opinion leaders (KOLs) rages on inside and outside the industry, our experts tell us that the role of KOLs will not soon disappear and that the call for added transparency is a positive change.
The drive for more transparency is expected to further clarify the KOL role. And as physician relationships are disclosed, thought leaders will be held more accountable for their actions, resulting in a higher quality of work and level of knowledge.
“The use of key opinion leaders has become a more thoughtful and more deliberate process,” says Michael Curry, president of Curry Rockefeller Group. “Increasingly, physician interactions require disclosure and these engagements must be justified to senior management, which elicits a much more rigorous discussion of who exactly is needed and what his or her role should be. In the end, there may be fewer interactions, but the ones that do take place will be ones of greater depth.”

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