Video Detailing: 10 Years in the Making


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The goal is to increase and improve effective communications between pharma sales reps and physicians. This is particularly important as physicians continue to exhibit resistance to rep visits or lack the time to meet with reps during office hours.
According to SDI’s 2007 ePromotion Annual Study, 81% of physicians participated in e-promotion as well as in-person details, up from 62% in 2006, with 10% substituting e-promotion activities for traditional details. Self-guided virtual details weighed in as the most widely used tactic by the industry and the preferred means of receiving medical information online by more than half of the physicians SDI surveyed; 14% of those surveyed preferred video details over virtual ones. More than half — 53% — of all e-promotion activities in 2007 were self-led (conducted by physicians themselves). In the same report, e-promotional spending as a whole increased by 20% compared with the previous year.

Interest in Online Meetings via Videoconference with Sales Rep or Call Center Continues to Climb among ePharma Physicians
E-Pharma Physicians are the New Majority
Virtual vs. Video
Myth Buster: Video detailing does not necessarily open closed doors

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