The Benefits of Prelaunch Access


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      Connie Loughman of Indiana recently gained worldwide attention with a YouTube video she created, which advocated access to an investigational pancreatic cancer treatment for herself and fellow patient, actor Patrick Swayze. Pamela Northcott from Wales, diagnosed with kidney cancer, was told her treatment options were limited. Two drugs considered to be standard treatments were not available to Pamela as they had yet to be approved by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Pamela challenged the Welsh Assembly government for access.
      Transparency of drug-development pipelines, intense media coverage of healthcare issues, and global access to information about drugs in the prelaunch phase via Websites and blogs have created a more educated and empowered population of patients. Heightened awareness, in combination with patients taking a more determined approach to their care, has brought with it an increase in demand for access to these medications despite their prelaunch status, particularly among those patients who have exhausted…

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