Bridging the Communication Gap Between Physicians & Patients


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Product Description

New patient education tools and technologies are helping to fill the monstrous gap in patient-physician communications. But even the best tools have to address the need for simple, clear communications for both parties. PharmaVOICE taps experts from all sides of the patient education spectrum to find out what they believe make for the most effective interactions between physicians and patients.

The Point-of-Care Problem

At the point of care is probably the worst place for patient education: the physician is time constrained, the patient is nervous, and neither may have enough information to make good decisions concerning the patient’s care. Filling this gap becomes the crucial factor in improving…

TNS Survey Shows Increased Value Put on Patient Education

Sound Bites from the Field:
Jeff Kozloff is Founder and President of Verilogue, Fort Washington, Pa., which uses patent-pending technology to capture and analyze live, in-office physician-patient dialogue used by the healthcare industry to further enhance its understanding of the numerous diseases that face society today. For more information, visit
Tom McDonnell is the Product Director for Vyvanse Marketing at Shire, which is a global specialty biopharmaceutical company marketing products to defined customer groups. For more information, visit
Deborah Schnell is President of Sales and Strategic Planning for Healthy Advice Networks, Cincinnati, which helps consumers and healthcare professionals make more informed health decisions by providing trusted, relevant, and easy-to-understand health information when and where they need it. For more information, visit

Thought Leaders
Raj Amin. CEO and Cofounder, HealthiNation, New York; HealthiNation is an independent health network that creates easy-to-understand, interactive videos on specific healthcare topics. For more information, visit
Andrew Brana. Senior Global Consultant, Sales Performance Optimization, TNS Healthcare, New York; TNS Healthcare provides globally consistent solutions and custom advisory services to support product introductions, brand, treatment, and sales-performance optimization, as well as professional and DTC promotional tracking. For more
information, visit
Barbara DeBuono, M.D., MPH. Executive Director, Public Health and Government, External Medical Affairs, Pfizer Inc.; Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical company committed to helping people improve their health by discovering and developing medicines. For more information, visit
Chris Duncan. Associate Director, Symlin Marketing, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, San Diego; Amylin is a biopharmaceutical company committed to improving lives through the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines. For more information, visit
Suzanne Eastman. Executive Director, Clinical Services, Catalina Health Resource, Cincinnati, Ohio; Catalina Health Resource connects healthcare companies with patients and consumers. For more information, visit
Kristin Patton. President, HealthEd Group, Clark, N.J.; HealthEd develops educationally based marketing programs for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. For more information, visit
Charlene Prounis. Copresident and Managing Partner, Flashpoint Medica, New York; Flashpoint Medica is a full-service professional healthcare advertising agency within the Omnicom Diversified Agency Services network. For more information, visit
Stanley Wulf, M.D. VP and Chief Medical Officer, Infomedics, Woburn, Mass.; Infomedics is a pharmaceutical services provider that delivers clear, actionable patient feedback to physicians about their treatment experience. For more information, visit