Resurrecting Overlooked Commercial Channels


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For decades, many pharmaceutical battlegrounds have been dominated by the drug companies with the largest army of sales reps. If sales started to dip, they simply hired more primary care sales reps, and presto, they were back on top, says Matt Wallach, executive VP and general manager at Verticals onDemand. Undoubtedly, an effective product was underpinning the sales effort. But there was very little pressure to develop truly innovative marketing strategies to improve sales or to tap into smaller, ancillary commercial sales channels to gain market share. It was all about critical mass.
“It’s no wonder the pharmaceutical world is so shaken by the tremendous changes rippling through the industry right now,” Mr. Wallach says. “We’ve all been big, fat, and happy for so long that we don’t really know how to adapt, what strategies to try first, or what new technologies…

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Matt Wallach, Executive VP and General Manager, Verticals onDemand Inc.