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Future success in the pharmaceutical industry will hinge on the ability of companies to deliver novel products that meet patient needs. To do that, pharma companies are teaming up with biotech companies, launching their own biotech divisions, investing in genetics, and acquiring other companies, all in an attempt to leverage innovation.
Now, a few companies are trying one more, albeit still uncommon, way to fill their pipelines: they are launching their own business incubators as a way to fund early discovery research.
Certainly, business incubation isn’t a new concept. Business incubators, acceleration programs, and economic development programs have existed for years. States and regional organizations established research parks and labs and have provided grants and operational support services to start-up companies as a way to foster business development and job growth in their regions. Universities and academic institutions…

North American Business Incubators by Program 2006
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Steve Clark. VP of Business Incubation Services, TechColumbus, Columbus, Ohio; TechColumbus’ mission is to accelerate the growth of the innovation economy by providing vital resources and assistance to people and enterprises that depend on technology to achieve their business goals. For more information, visit
Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D. VP of Biogen Idec and Executive Director of Biogen Idec Innovation Incubator (BI3), Cambridge, Mass.; BI3 offers the opportunity for entrepreneurial scientists to convert novel biological insights into life-saving and life-changing therapeutics. For more information, visit
Kurt Jacobus, Ph.D. President and CEO, MedShape Solutions Inc., Atlanta; MedShape Solutions develops medical devices primarily for use in minimally invasive surgery; the company combines expertise in materials science, medicine, and engineering to provide innovative solutions to challenging medical needs. For more information, visit
Nadya Merchant, Ph.D. Chief Commercialization Officer, InVasc Therapeutics Inc., Atlanta; InVasc is a drug development company working toward the discovery and development of novel therapies for the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, and vascular diseases. For more information, visit
Barbara S. Schilberg. CEO and Managing Director, BioAdvance, The Biotechnology Greenhouse Corporation of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; BioAdvance identifies and invests in promising research and technologies that could lead to important advances in medicine and human health. For more information, visit
Susan Shows. VP, Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), Atlanta; Georgia Research Alliance is a private, nonprofit corporation that aims to capitalize on innovative university research to build a vibrant, technology-rich economy. For more information, visit