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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Dr. Isma Benattia, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
Dr. Ian McInnes, Schering-Plough
William Ringo, Pfizer

Biotech POOL
Mary Anderson,

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Douglas Axelrod, Ambrx
Steven Bloom, Ziopharm Oncology
Dr. Barry Jones, Ziopharm Oncology
Dr. N. Anthony Coles, Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Leslie Hudson, AVI BioPharma
Dr. Francois Nader, NPS Pharmaceuticals

Specialty POOL
William Humphries, Stiefel Laboratories
Abid Rawn, Depomed

Genomics POOL
Dr. Michelle Lyles, Febit Holding
Jonathan Sheridan, HTG

Emerging POOL
Dr. Christopher Bussineau,
Eric Karpinski, BioVascular
Dr. Richard Gregg, Vitae Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Timothy Lowinger, Mersana Therapeutics

Agency POOL
Janine Annechino,
Pacific Communications
Bernadette Cosgrove, Pacific Communications
Stacy Auer, AbelsonTaylor
Kaelin Dezelan, AbelsonTaylor
Donald Hanson, AbelsonTaylor
Tommy Schenck, AbelsonTaylor
Tracy Baker, Navicor Group
John Catania, Navicor Group
Todd Jackson, Navicor Group
Beth Kuchinka,
Navicor Group
Denise Leo, Navicor Group
Grant Miller, Navicor Group
Jeffrey Prospal, Navicor Group
Karen Sanford,
Navicor Group
Paul Balagot, Ignite Health
Kevin Deegan, Ignite Health
Ross Fetterloff, Ignite Health
Kelly Goeres, Ignite Health
Pat Macke, Ignite Health
Lisa Matson, Ignite Health
Laura Pfister, Ignite Health
Greg Reiser, Ignite Health
Sean Vassilaros, Ignite Health
Jigna Baranello, Torre Lazur McCann
Kristy Carabello, Torre Lazur McCann
Jason Decker, Torre Lazur McCann
Sue Elam, Torre Lazur McCann
Lori Giorgino, Torre Lazur McCann
Tara Rogers, Torre Lazur McCann
Jayme Watson, Torre Lazur McCann
Jack Wilson, Torre Lazur McCann
Sam Wunderle, Torre Lazur McCann
Laura Baumann, Palio
Danielle Bedard, Palio
Nicole Chlopecki, Palio
Sharon Johnson, Palio
Alyson Reising-Popa, Palio
Paula Tancredi Penman, Palio
Shannon Beckwith, GSW Worldwide
David Bowers, GSW Worldwide
Charles Brophy, GSW Worldwide
David Bugay, GSW Worldwide
Alexandra Bujno, GSW Worldwide
Lauren Cohen, GSW Worldwide
Wayne Fassett, GSW Worldwide
Janel Harris, GSW Worldwide
Kendell Hicks, GSW Worldwide
John Jakovlic, GSW Worldwide
Claire Jester, GSW Worldwide
Brian Keys, GSW Worldwide
Rob Kidder, GSW Worldwide
Dennis Leahy, GSW Worldwide
Grace Mandybur, GSW Worldwide
Susan Orzel-Biggs, GSW Worldwide
Lori Phoenix, GSW Worldwide
Donna Rardain, GSW Worldwide
Stacy Richard, GSW Worldwide
Julia Riga, GSW Worldwide
Dan Smith, GSW Worldwide
Sarah Sweeny, GSW Worldwide
John Tabor, GSW Worldwide
Treva Weaver, GSW Worldwide
Steve Yuan, GSW Worldwide
David Benowitz, Centron
Noel Castro, Brand Pharm
Dave Grillo, Brand Pharm
Kelly Hughes, Brand Pharm
Jessica Cino, Noesis
Jodi Smith, Noesis
Diane DePaolis, Y Brand
Fernando Fernandez, Y Brand
Derek Love, Y Brand
Robert Johnstone, Compass Healthcare Communications
Sam Lowe, Compass Healthcare Communications
Temilyn (Temi) Mehta, Compass Healthcare Communications
Eileen O’Brien, Compass Healthcare Communications
Stephen Pearson, Compass Healthcare Communications
Christine Robbins, Compass Healthcare Communications
Tom Jones, WeissComm Partners
Steve Martorana, Photosound
Megan Ollinger, Cadent Medical Communications
Paul O’Neill, Integrated Communications
Libby Wilson, HC&B Healthcare Communications

Steven Agnoff,
Jeffrey Bagshaw, Inclinix
Susan Jalbert, Inclinix
Daniel Marks, Inclinix
John Cline, Cato Research
Jacque Fisher, Parexel International
Dr. Wilson Blaine Knight, Southern Research Institute
Dr. Rebecca Li, New England Research Institutes
Vito Mangiardi, Bilcare Global Clinical Supplies

Media POOL
Kathryn Darienzo,
Penelope Scott, MediZine

Medical-Education POOL
Ed Eguizabal,
The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education
Zackary Lentz, The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education
Katie McCarthy, The Center for Biomedical Continuing Education
Janine Scotti, PeerPoint Medical Education Institute

Service POOL
Dr. Mark Ammann,
PeerPoint Medical Education Institute
Dr. LaVonne Lang, PeerPoint Medical Education Institute
Susan Beach, Publicis Selling Solutions
David Cox, SalesForce4Hire
Jade Cusick, Ziment Custom
Dr. Camm Epstein, MediMedia
Andrea Hiller, Kalorama Information
Richard (Tex) Kund, MTI Information Technologies
Philip Luby, PharmaCentra

Technology POOL
Paula McHale
, ClinPhone