The Fourth Hurdle: The Call for Pharmacoeconomic Data


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What began as a movement by government payers in other parts of the world is now making its mark here in the United States. Pharmacoeconomics — the scientific discipline that compares the value of one pharmaceutical drug to another to assess its value and cost-effectiveness — has become the fourth hurdle companies have to address, behind efficacy, safety, and quality.
“Where pharmacoeconomics, as a tool to understand the impact and the value of different treatment decisions, impacts reimbursement decisions or formulary coverage decisions is how well a payer can understand the overall impact and the overall value of using a product,” says Bob Mauch, Ph.D., Pharm.D., president of Xcenda. “Given that, pharmacoeconomics, or the need to understand the value products create in the marketplace, is increasing rather dramatically.”
In some countries — Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, for example — pharmacoeconomic data are a requirement before a reimbursement decision can be made.
Lynn Okamoto, Pharm.D., general manager, healthcare analytics, at United BioSource, says there are two aspects of drug evaluation where pharmacoeconomic…

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