After 20 Years of DTC, It’s Time for a New Definition


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As the New Year begins to unfold, the pharmaceutical industry continues to face challenges on many fronts. Corporate profits are
down, R&D pipelines have slowed, Washington politicians haven’t eased their attacks, and public perception is near an all-time low.
With big pharma facing such diverse difficulties, direct-to-consumer advertising in the U.S. has taken a hit.
“Many of us involved with DTC firmly believe investment in consumer ad campaigns for prescription drugs has peaked and will flatten or decline for the foreseeable future due largely to curtailment of spending on television, the growth driver for the past decade,” Mr. Hone says.
According to Mr. Hone, all of DTC will continue to come under fire, but because of TV’s broad reach and the power of its advertising potential, it will be the medium most affected.
“Print media will be impacted somewhat, but the spend on this medium won’t decline as much as the spend on TV,” he says. “I believe that overall marketing spending in the pharmaceutical…

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Frank Hone, Executive VP and Global DTC Director, Healthworld Communications Group