A Value Proposition: Managing the Supply Chain


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Managing inventories, working closely with contracted suppliers to ensure deliveries, and ensuring that healthcare professionals have preferred materials are all crucial, behind-the-scenes elements to a company’s success. And, by managing inventory more effectively, companies can increase the odds of holding on to their most valuable asset — their customers.
That link is now understood by many industry leaders, and the industry’s approach to managing operations is changing. No longer does it apply simply to the manufacturing of products, but also to managing a supply chain — spanning suppliers’ suppliers to customers’ customers. Effectively configuring a company’s supply chain can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage, and can significantly impact the bottom line.
Pharmaceutical organizations that have been successful in managing their supply chains have a few traits in common. They often make structural or organizational changes that add directly to the company’s profitability. They involve the marketing and sales department in logistics early on in a product’s launch. They create partnerships with suppliers and customers. They capture relevant data and track performance of their distribution systems. And they put their best people in the departments that oversee a coordinated…

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