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Proactive Communications — Improving the Industry’s Image

In the January issue of PharmaVOICE, we asked your opinion on PhRMA’s new Strategic Communications and Public Affairs division, which was conceived to increase communication to all stakeholders as well as implement effective, innovative ways to get the message out.
According to Alan Holmer, president of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), with the rapid proliferation of television programming and communications technologies, the industry must continue to find new, innovative ways to make policy leaders, opinion leaders and, most importantly, the American people aware of the tremendous life-saving contributions pharmaceutical companies make every day.
“It is imperative that we help people understand the serious risks posed by heavy-handed legislative initiatives that would jeopardize our continued ability to discover breakthrough medicines to save lives and improve the health of all Americans,” Mr. Holmer says.
PharmaVOICE wanted to know what other ways could the industry positively increase its visibility to consumers and other stakeholders?

Opinion Responses:

A Bold, Broad, Unapologetic Proclamation of Benefits

Matt Giegerich, President and CEO, CommonHealth

The Value of Medicine
Neil Matheson, President and CEO, ApotheCom Associates LLC

Take the Emphasis Off Price, put it on Value
Jim Dutton, President, Curriculum Development for CMRI
Michelle Reece, Director, Curriculum Development for CMRI

Giving Back to the Community
Camille DeSantis, BS, MT (ASCP), VP, Creative Director, Copy, Accel Healthcare Communications
Maria Casini, VP, Creative Director, Art, Accel Healthcare Communication

Extending Life Expectancy, not Salesforces
Terry Nugent, Director of Marketing, Medical Marketing Service Inc. (MMS)

Deliver Impact
Larry Wolheim, Principal, GIANT Creative/Strategy LLC

Changing Behaviors — Rational and Emotional
Risa Bernstein, President, Accel Healthcare Communications

A More Aggressive and Pointed Message
Albert G. Nickel, President, Chairman, CEO, Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift Inc.

First Good Step, but Empowerment is Needed
Ed Mitzen, President, Palio Communications