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The pharmaceutical industry’s image is close to its lowest point in more than a decade. During a time of corporate scandals and increasing distrust of business, the public and media are scrutinizing the industry’s practices. And they don’t like what they see — increasing costs for important medicines, sometimes limited access to prescription drugs, and a significant investment in consumer advertising.
“The industry’s image is indeed close to its low point during the last 12 years, following a peak in the mid-1990s when the country was more pro-business and perhaps more focused on the benefits of new drug therapies coming on the market,” says Brad Fay, managing director at RoperASW, a NOP World company.
A negative image can be detrimental, Mr. Fay explains, because it can put the industry at risk for new regulations, increased consumer activism, and could undermine its ability to attract investors in the future.
“It is clear, based on our public-opinion data, that the industry is dealing with a significant image problem,” Mr. Fay says. “It is critical that the industry be more aggressive than it has been in educating key stakeholders on the benefits to society of an innovative pharmaceutical industry that is driven by private capital markets.”
Public-relations strategies can help individual companies and the industry as a whole inform and educate the general public about the industry’s positive contributions, as well as provide a credible source of health information and news.
“At its simplest, public relations is the management of communication between a corporation and its stakeholders,” says Nancy Z. Brennan, managing director at Manning Selvage & Lee/Chicago. “In today’s environment, where stakeholders are attempting to sort through an increasing number of product-oriented messages, public relations can — in a cost-effective manner — add the depth and texture to product messages so at the stakeholder’s ‘moment of truth’ the choice is clear.”

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