Bring in the Middlemen


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Outsourcing is a way of life for the pharmaceutical industry. From the early stages of a potential product’s life cycle, through launch, and throughout the years of patent protection, companies use outside sources to assist with research, development, launch preparation, advertising, marketing, public relations, medical education, e-promotion, and the list goes on. At any time after launch, a pharmaceutical company may be working with several agencies and marketing firms on a single product. With so many partners to deal with, it’s no wonder that there is some inconsistency in the communications between client and agency, that tensions and problems arise, and that relationships become strained.
Enter the third-party consultant, sometimes referred to by those in the industry as a type of marriage consultant or mediator, who often is brought in to make the relationship between the pharmaceutical company and the outside supplier as strong and long-lasting as possible. Some companies provide this service through their procurement or marketing operations departments. Others may rely on an outside source.

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