An Inquiring Mind: The Pursuit of Knowledge


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The path to drug discovery is extremely long and complex, and according to Jonathan Knowles, Ph.D., director of global research at Roche, at the heart of that journey is good science. Dr. Knowles believes that good science is predicated on the basis of asking good questions and challenging long-held premises to influence the fundamental issues underlying medicine. Dr. Knowles also believes that good science crosses cultural boundaries and is a global rather than regional concept.
“Science and medicine are universal and people have the same motivations around the world,” he says. “The difficulty of creating effective medicines often is underestimated.”
During his career, Dr. Knowles has gained a global perspective and has been involved in most aspects of drug discovery having worked for academic institutions in Europe, Japan, and the United States. He also spent 12 years at a government-sponsored research center in Finland before taking a position at Glaxo in Switzerland. Today, he oversees research of the Roche Group and specifically the research at Roche’s four centers of excellence, which are located around the world. His responsibilities take him from his base in Basel, Switzerland, to Japan, other parts of Europe, and the United States, where he spends about one week every month.

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