Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Lynn Baer, Novo Nordisk
Dr. Manny Borrego, Novo Nordisk
Dr. Andrew Loh, Baxter Healthcare
Dr. Steven Paul, Lilly
Kristine Peterson, Biovail

Biotech POOL
Reggie Bowerman, MGI Pharma
Nancy Evertz, MGI Pharma
Leon O. Moulder Jr., MGI Pharma
Craig Eberhard, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Dwayne M. Elwood, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Michael W. Heartlein, Transkaryotic Therapies
Gabriel Leung, OSI Pharmaceuticals
Dr. David R. Parkinson, Amgen

Specialty POOL
Gian Aliprandi, Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Tod Mertes, Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Andres Negro-Vilar, Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Ernest Mario, Reliant Pharmaceuticals

Discovery POOL
Amy Schaberg, Inspire Pharmaceuticals
Thomas R. Staab, Inspire Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Benjamin R. Yerxa, Inspire Pharmaceuticals

Drug Delivery POOL
Dr. John M. Siebert, CyDex

Dr. Melanie A. Bruno, Kendle International
Rosa Cadinha, PRA International,
Casandra Elver, PRA International,
Peter Powers, PRA International,

Service POOL
Beth Birke, Euro RSCG Life
Mark R. Vincent, Euro RSCG Life
Joseph F. Donahue, LION bioscience
Evrard Spencer, Fast Track Systems
John Supan, Fast Track Systems
Alexander Vandevere, Cadient Group

Susan Adamczyk, Nexus Communications
Beatrice Benoit, Nexus Communications
Dr. Jeffery Brubaker, Nexus Communications
Dr. Michael Dickman, Nexus Communications
Claudia Stahl Gagliardi, Nexus Communications
Mary Seltzer, Nexus Communications

Agency POOL
Dr. Richard Alexander, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Antoinette Campo, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Dr. Jeffrey Fisher, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Jacquelyn Hill, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Kenneth Hoerner, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Jeannine Lee, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Kathleen Milburn, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
John J. Nosta, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Kim Persson, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Keir Rothnie, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Jennifer Steeber, Noesis Healthcare Interactions
Alissa Coletta, Palio Communications
Jucinda Fenn-Hodson, Palio Communications
Julie McDonough, Palio Communications
Rick McGuirk, Palio Communications
Kevin Murray, Palio Communications
Julie Priddle, Palio Communications
Judith Supley, Palio Communications
Danae Fogarty Walsh, Palio Communications
Melissa Wojcik, Palio Communications
Steve Dusenberry, inChord Communications
Jeff Tomaso, inChord Communications
Elaine Heimberger, Integrated Communications
Carl Roselle, HealthSTAR Communications
Stedman Stevens, HealthSTAR Communications