A View on Advertising — A Shifting Landscape


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The advertising focus may be moving away from center — traditional media such as television and print — as emerging media, such as Web 2.0, and alternative vehicles such as Podcasts, search engines, etc., begin to establish a firmer foothold in the media mix.
It’s hard to believe that DTC, merely 10 years new, is now considered mainstream. DTC also had been one of the biggest drivers of advertising promotion. Recently, however, industry experts have noted that there has been some fall off in DTC advertising as a result of push back from the FDA and political pressure from Washington, D.C., in terms of spending on consumer advertising. These forces, coupled with the patent expirations by some of the big blockbuster products and fewer new products being launched to take their place, have resulted in a downturn in DTC spending in the past year…

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Thought Leaders
Robin W. Allen. Marketing Consultant, Kogenate FS Marketing, Bayer HealthCare, West Haven, Conn.; Bayer HealthCare is a globally active company with sites on all five continents and markets products from its four divisions: Animal Health, Bayer Schering Pharma, Consumer Care, and Diabetes Care via regional and national distribution companies. For more information, visit
Eric Bolesh. Research Team Leader, Cutting Edge Information, Durham, N.C.; Cutting Edge provides innovative, implementable research and consulting to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-devices industries. For more information, visit
Jay Bolling. President, Healthcare Communication & Marketing Association Inc., Mt. Royal, N.J.; HCMA is a nonprofit, national association of healthcare marketing, communications, and education professionals dedicated to enhancing and optimizing the careers of its members and to recognizing excellence in marketing, communications, and education that impacts and improves health. For more information, visit
Cameron Durrant, M.D., MBA. Worldwide VP, Virology Global Strategic Marketing, Johnson & Johnson, Raritan, N.J.; J&J is a broadly based manufacturer of healthcare products, as well as a provider of related services, for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical-devices and diagnostics markets. For more information, visit
Charles Hunt. Senior VP, MARS Medical, Kantar Media Research USA, New York; Kantar Group is an integrated research, information, and software group, specializing in marketing and media survey solutions, software systems for data analysis, and advanced analytical solutions. For more information, visit