Talent Pool


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Product Description

Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Stanley Barshay, Schering-Plough
Dr. Stephen Chang,
Dr. John Curnutte,
Dr. Thomas Koestler,
Dr. Catherine Strader,
Dr. Lars E. Birgerson,
Yasuchika Hasegawa,
Kunio Takeda,

Biotech POOL
Dr. Kenneth W. Bair, Chiron
Carl Pelzel, Chiron
Dr. Andrew C. Chan, Genentech
David Logan, Genentech
Duke Collier, Genzyme
Mark Enyedy, Genzyme
Dr. Georges Gemayel, Genzyme
Ann Merrifield, Genzyme
Jan van Heek, Genzyme
Dr. Willard Dere, Amgen
David J. Gury, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Thomas H. McLain, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Roger L. Hawley, InterMune
William R. Ringo, InterMune

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Graham Burton, Celgene
Dr. Michael Vander Zwan, Celgene
Dr. John McKearn, Kalypsys
Jerry Smith, Healthcare Network Solutions/Nova BioGenetics
Lewis Stuart, CV Therapeutics

Specialty POOL
Dr. Karen Auditore-Hargreaves, NeoRx
Jack L. Bowman, NeoRx
Elizabeth S. Clarke, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
Leo Pavliv,
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Arthur R. Kamm, Salix Pharmaceuticals

Generic POOL
Sylvia S. McBrinn,
Andrx Laboratories

Discovery POOL
Paul Hamelin,
Elitra Pharmaceuticals

Sue Devenish-Meares, PRA International
Carolyn Maki, PRA International
Brian Mooney, PRA International
Susanne Oltz, PRA International
Sebastian Pacios, PRA International

Service POOL
Gerard Cignarella,
Susan Montanile, Medi-Promotions
Greg Turner, InfoPro Solutions
Barry Zimmerman, Market Measures/Cozint

Medical Education POOL
Cynthia DaRin,
Health Learning Systems
Anthia Mandarakas, Health Learning Systems
Laura Nolan, Health Learning Systems
Dr. Richard Schifman, Health Learning Systems
Dr. Ramana Yalamanchili, Health Learning Systems

Consulting POOL
Bonnie Gustafsson,
Meaghan Nelson, MBS/Vox
Courtney Martin, Furia Rubel Communications

Technology POOL
Juan Charvet,

Ed Belkin, PhRMA Appoints Communications VP
Lena Chow, Medical Marketing Association Announces New Board of Directors
Barbara Lehman, Medical Marketing Association Announces New Board of Directors
Lynn Purdy, Medical Marketing Association Announces New Board of Directors
Karen York, Medical Marketing Association Announces New Board of Directors