Prevention Through Intervention


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Disease management is making a comeback. Health plans are renewing their interest in the old buzzword from the early 1990s as a way to address soaring healthcare costs.
Pharmaceutical companies are noting this trend, and some are jumping right in with new programs to take advantage of this opportunity.
Disease management, regarded by some as the future of healthcare in the United States, calls for medical professionals and insurers to monitor and support patients with known chronic conditions, promoting self care as a way to prevent acute episodes requiring hospitalization.
Experts say 5% of the U.S. population has a high-risk medical condition, accounting for more than 50% of the country’s healthcare costs. In addition, chronic illnesses have been found to affect more than 100 million Americans and account for 75% of the nation’s annual healthcare costs. The disease-management industry targets these patients, seeking to reduce the severity of episodes and to cut overall healthcare costs.

Disease Management and MCOs Hypertension and Depression Studies
GlaxoSmithKline: Disease Management Certification
Disease Management in Practice: Louisiana State University Health Science Center
eDisease Management programs are able to significantly improve outcomes in chronically ill patients

Thought Leaders
Eric Bolesh. Senior analyst, Cutting Edge Information, Durham, N.C.; Cutting Edge is a business intelligence firm
providing primary and secondary research reports. For more information, visit
Michael Cousins, Ph.D. Director, health informatics, Health Management Corp., Richmond, Va.; HMC is a leading health and disease-management company that manages six of the most high-cost, high-impact conditions, achieving demonstrable value for national health plans and employers. For more information, visit
John Cover. VP, sales; Susan Riley. President and CEO; Barry Zajac. VP, Clinical Informatics, AirLogix, Dallas; AirLogix is a leader in comprehensive respiratory disease-management services with more than 300,000 patient lives managed. For more information, visit
Terry Crowson, M.D. Associate medical director, HealthPartners, Minneapolis; HealthPartners is a family of nonprofit Minnesota healthcare organizations focused on improving the health of its members, its patients, and the community. HealthPartners and its related organizations provide healthcare services, insurance, and HMO coverage to nearly 660,000 members. For more information, visit
Robert Drazen. President, Access Health Risk Management, Altamonte Springs, Fla.; Access develops effective, clinically
accepted health-risk identification and reduction solutions for public and private employers, government agencies, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and individual consumers. For more information, visit
Louise Gillis. Associate VP, Market Measures/Cozint LP, East Hanover, N.J.; Market Measures/Cozint is a NOP World Health
company, which is a leading supplier of primary research to the global healthcare community. For more information, visit
Tim Klapish. Executive director of HealthCare Management, GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia; GlaxoSmithKline is a research-based global pharmaceutical company. For more information, visit
Jim Knipper. President and CEO, J. Knipper and Company Inc., Lakewood, N.J.; J. Knipper is dedicated to providing a wide variety of direct mail, fulfillment, database, teleservices, patient persistency programs, and recall services exclusively for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit
David Krause, Ph.D. Healthcare consultant and instructor at Marquette University, Milwaukee; Marquette University is a Jesuit university. For more information, visit
Richard P. Mansour, M.D. Associate clinical professor of medicine, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport, Shreveport, La., and chief medical officer, Eclipsys Corp., Boca Raton, Fla.; Eclipsys is a provider of knowledge-driven healthcare information solutions. For more information, visit
Rick Milde. VP, Access Health Risk Management, Altamonte Springs, Fla.; Access Health Risk Management develops effective, clinically accepted health-risk identification and reduction solutions for public and private employers, government agencies, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and individual consumers. For more information, visit
Al Paz. CEO, Euro RSCG Life, Marketing Services Group, New York; Euro RSCG Life is a full-service agency dedicated to healthcare advertising, marketing, and communications. For more information, visit
Richard Petrucci, M.D. VP, chronic case and disease management, Oxford Health Plans Inc., Trumbull, Conn.; Oxford Health Plans provides health plans to employers and individuals in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, through its direct salesforce, independent insurance agents, and brokers. For more information, visit
Edward Rhoades. Senior VP, marketing and new business, Catalina Health Resource, St. Louis; Catalina Health Resource, a subsidiary of Catalina Marketing, offers products that enable pharmaceutical companies to reach desired patient populations with behavior-based communications, providing meaningful information that educates patients about their medical conditions and medications. For more information, visit
Warren E. Todd. Executive director, The Disease Management Association of America, Washington, D.C.; The DMAA is a nonprofit, voluntary membership organization that represents all aspects of the disease-management community. For more information, visit