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Uniting R&D and Marketing

    Early-stage commercial spending can top $60 million for blockbuster products, according to Cutting Edge Information. With such high commercial investments come equally elevated risks that drugs will fail to reach the market or achieve less than their full commercial potential. It is critical that the right allocations of marketing dollars flow to the channels that need them most.
    Today, pipeline decisions depend as much on the drugs’ market attractiveness as they do on their science. Companies on the forefront of drug development infuse market-based information into the development process before drugs even reach animal testing or human clinical trials. According to analysts at Cutting Edge Information, initiating a few key marketing activities, such as market research, competitive intelligence, and target candidate profile development early in a product’s life cycle gives scientists and marketers alike the knowledge they need to weed out commercially unviable drugs. Instead, they can then replace them with drugs that fill unmet medical needs and fit tightly within corporate or business unit strategic plans…