Talent Pool


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Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry

Featured Talent:

Pharma POOL
Dr. Barry Hafkin, Advancis Pharmaceutical
Arthur J. Higgins, Bayer HealthCare
Dr. Rebecca A. Taub, Roche

Biotech POOL
Rodger Currie, Amgen
Rita Norton, Amgen
Dr. Jeffrey A. Jeddeloh, Orion Genomics
Todd Pierce.,Genentech
Dr. Raymond J. Tesi, Cellerant Therapeutics

Biopharmaceutical POOL
Dr. Daniel J. Burge, Trubion Pharmaceuticals
Dr. David Christ, Adolor
Dr. John G. Fort, Adolor R. Ray Cummings
Dr. Peter D. O’Hanley, AVI BioPharma Expands
K. Alice Leung, BioMedicines

Device/Diagnostic POOL
Dr. Donald S. Kaplan, Protein Polymer Technologies
Michael Koch, Fujirebio Diagnostics
Michael R. Minogue, Abiomed
John Y. Yoon, Paradigm

Discovery POOL
Dr. Douglas L. Cole, Affymax
Julie S. Iwashita, Affymax

Laurel Avery, Chiltern International
Gretchen Haig, Integrium
Bruce Hicks, Integrium
Thomas Wells, Integrium
Hollie Kounalis, Axio Research
Dr. Lynn Shemanski, Axio Research
Elena Te, Axio Research
Gena Reed, Paragon Biomedical

Service POOL
Barbara Bochese, Solara
Ron Collins , Solara
Cara DiNorcia, Solara
Jamie Drenocky, Solara
John Knutila, Solara
Larry Moran , Solara
Gary Foster, Wolters Kluwer Health
Lauren Gaffney, Dimensional HealthCare
Joan Garcia , Dimensional HealthCare
Timothy O’Donnell, Dimensional HealthCare
Kelly Gratz, Blue Diesel
Rob Kinslow , Seidler Bernstein
Keith Loehlein, NOP World Health
Maureen McLaughlin , NOP World Health
Sue Ramspacher, NOP World Health
Richard Lyew, Access Worldwide
Nancy Pope Nelson , Solucient
Michael C. Pinto, Octagon Research Solutions
Gregg Sweet, Integrated Clinical Trial Services
Dr. Tom Young, Connextions Health
David Zaritsky, Harte-Hanks

Medical-Education POOL
Joan Alexander-Bascome, Health Learning Systems
Betti Barrows, Health Learning Systems
Sudip Biswas, Health Learning Systems
Dr. George Brown, Health Learning Systems
Deana Capalbo-Ference, Health Learning Systems
Cheryl Doto, Health Learning Systems
Dr. Jeff Kramer, Health Learning Systems
Marie Miller, Health Learning Systems
Jennifer Ostrow, Health Learning Systems
Carol Pierini, Health Learning Systems
Maria Pollaro, Health Learning Systems
Eric Ratinetz, Health Learning Systems
Fred Sheeler, Health Learning Systems
Christopher Trill, Health Learning Systems
David Winkler, Health Learning Systems
Christa Dardaganian, Cadent Medical Communications
Dr. Heather DeGrendele, Cadent Medical Communications
Stacy Melville, Cadent Medical Communications
Bill Ferrell, Columbia MedCom Group
Carmen Johnson, Columbia MedCom Group

Consulting POOL
Dr. Robert W. Makuch, MetaWorks
Ted Mannen, Aventor

Technology/Web POOL
Faith Anderson,
LeeAnn Collins,
Diane Hollman,
Nicolas Barthelemy, Invitrogen
Karen Gibson, Invitrogen
Dr. Karen Moore, BioPoint Solutions
Mark A. Thierer, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

Association POOL
Dr. Pamela Bush, Pittsburgh Life Sciences
Reed McManigle, Pittsburgh Life Sciences
David Palmer , Pittsburgh Life Sciences
Michelle Collier, Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA)
Stephen Mason, Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA)
Dr. David W. Feigal Jr., Food and Drug Administration
Dr. Daniel Schultz, Food and Drug Administration
Dr. Doug Throckmorton, Food and Drug Administration

Media POOL
Jim McCarthy, Biolink Communications
Joe Schuldner, Biolink Communications
Tim Wolfinger, Biolink Communications
Guy Pawlak , Quadrant HealthCom
M. Kerry Robinson, Patient Care

Agency POOL
Kim Carpenter, Sudler & Hennessey
Regina Eustaquio, Sudler & Hennessey
Dr. Stephanie Ganz, Sudler & Hennessey
Greg Lewis, Sudler & Hennessey
John McGarry, Sudler & Hennessey
Dr. Adena Svingos, Sudler & Hennessey
Jennifer Cullen, Adient
Diana DiMenna, Adient
Rob Gordon, Adient
Donald Poracky, Adient
Jason Ross, Adient
Jennifer Tindal, Adient
Craig Yarwood, Adient