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Web 2.0 — Opportunities and Drawbacks

In the last month, I have been intensely researching the Web 2.0 phenomenon with respect to its healthcare manifestations. This research has involved surveying members of the pharma e-marketing community on, reading articles and reports on this topic, attending several conferences focused on this area, and looking at, and participating, in a significant number of healthcare-related Web 2.0 sites and communities. This research brought me to different conclusions and understandings of this phenomenon from the ones I started with. It revealed a set of opportunities and threats whose successful navigation will require a different way of thinking and operating on our part as pharma marketers. As marketers, if we navigate well, this phenomenon holds the potential for enhancing customer relationships, collaborations, and trust building as well as leading to a product and service co-creation environment that we have not witnessed in the history of this industry. If we fail to navigate well, there is the potential to do more damage to our image as an industry…

Examples of Healthcare and Pharma Web 2.0