Driving Drug Development Innovation Through Patient Centricity

Thought Leaders:

Sy Pretorius, MD, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, PAREXEL
Alberto Grignolo, PhD, Corporate Vice President, PAREXEL

August 30, 2018

The Innovation Imperative: The Future of Drug Development, is a recent data-driven report developed and released by The Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by PAREXEL. The report examines drug development today and evaluates innovations that can accelerate clinical trials, increase likelihood of launch and patient access and improve the productivity of drug development. The report sought to quantify, for the first time, how four types of drug development innovations– patient-centric, adaptive, precision medicine and real-world data trials – can drive sustainability in drug development.

This podcast will specifically explore patient-centric trials as a key innovation in drug development that can drive faster recruitment, lead to improved research outcomes that are relevant and meaningful to patients and enable participation in research that is convenient as possible.

Read the related white paper, “The Innovation Imperative: The Future of Drug Development” using the link below, or go directly to https://druginnovation.eiu.com/.

Length: 19:30       Size: 8.9MB

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