Healthy Opinions – The Year in Preview

Thought Leaders:

Dan Chichester, Chief Experience Officer, Ogilvy Health
Amy Graham, Client Engagement Officer, Ogilvy Health
Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer – Health, Ogilvy Health
Joe Youssef, Associate Director, Engagement Strategy, Ogilvy Health

April 22, 2020

For our 2020 Year in Preview issue, we asked 20 provocative questions covering a range of topics from molecule to market. We wanted to push the envelope to understand how the industry’s influencers think about aspirational goals in terms of health, what needs to happen to address inefficiency and productivity, and what the future might hold for all of us as who may be patients, patient caregivers, or patients-in-waiting.

In this podcast, we are excited to discuss three of the biggest trend buckets: drug development, technology, and company culture — and not surprisingly there are many intersections among these areas: successful drug development programs are being fueled by technology and innovation adoption, which in turn is being influenced by changing company cultures, which is driving new ways to develop drugs.

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