Building a Collaborative HCP-Patient Relationship: Insights from Health Psychology

Thought Leader:

Kate Perry, MSc, PsychD, Director, Behavioral Science, Atlantis Healthcare

December 18, 2017

Research shows that patients who have a good relationship with their HCPs are more likely to achieve better health outcomes and have greater adherence to their treatment. Dr. Kate Perry, Director of Behavioral Science at Atlantis Healthcare, provides insights on the benefits of a collaborative therapeutic alliance – why it’s important, how it evolves throughout the patient experience, and what pharma can do to support successful HCP-patient relationships. Dr. Perry also discusses the impact of electronic and digital communications, and offers advice in how to foster an effective 2-way dialogue.

Learn more about how pharma can help overcome barriers to effective HCP-patient communication in the latest White Paper from Atlantis Healthcare, Enhancing Therapeutic Alliance and promoting Shared Decision Making. Use the link below.

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