Strategic Advisor, Author and Expert on Customer Habits Joins ThinkGen Team to Head Up Habit Engineering

ThinkGen, LLC

March 19, 2019

Philadelphia, PA, March 2019—ThinkGen, a leading global pharmaceutical market research firm, announced the addition of Dr. Neale Martin to its executive staff. “After having joined us in December as a strategic adviser and having helped to develop Habit EngineeringSM, our client engagement and demand have accelerated rapidly. As a result, we are bringing on Neale as Senior Vice President, Habit EngineeringSM,” said Noah Pines, President of ThinkGen.

According to Dr. Richard Vanderveer, ThinkGen’s Chief Innovation Officer, “Several things about Habit EngineeringSM have me extremely excited. First, transitioning the pharmaceutical industry from a focus on decisions to a focus on habits is the most important paradigm shift in which I have been involved in my 50-year career in the business. Client understanding and uptake of our ideas have been phenomenal. And, unlike previous paradigm shifts that I have undertaken, I am joined this time around by Dr. Neale Martin, the guy who literally wrote the book on habit marketing and who can port his decade long, multi-industry experience in habit marketing into our vertical. I was quite pleased when Neale originally decided to join us as an advisor, but am now overjoyed that he is with us day-to-day, allowing us to utilize his expertise and energy to meet the quickly rising demand for Habit EngineeringSM insights among our client base.”

Dr. Martin is the author of the best-selling book, Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore. He also co-founded Sublime Behavior Marketing to apply the principles of habit marketing to the toughest challenges facing his clients. At the core of Dr. Martin’s practice is a painstaking deconstruction of the conscious and unconscious drivers of customer behavior, and the development of plans to impact behavior and create new habits.

Dr. Martin has spent much of his career presenting at major conferences and private events around the world as well as crafting and presenting educational programs to many well-known corporations including pharmaceutical corporations. He also brings with him valuable experience from other industries such as telecommunications, social media, video gaming, consumer products and petrochemicals.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, ThinkGen is a full-service market research company providing actionable insights to help its clients advance their businesses. ThinkGen is proud to be on the corporate council of NORD, the National Organization for Rare Disorders, and is a corporate partner of the Healthcare Business Woman’s Association (HBA).

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