Physician’s Weekly and Sunvalley Communication Announce the Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network

Physician's Weekly LLC

November 19, 2020

BASKING RIDGE, N.J./November 19, 2020–Physician’s Weekly LLC, a trusted source of medical news and education for healthcare professionals, and Sunvalley Communication, LLC, a high-science medical education and digital publishing company, today announced their agreement to launch the Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network.

The companies will integrate their oncology-focused editorial and publishing products to create a large-scale news platform targeting oncology healthcare providers across print, digital, audio and video publishing channels. The network will also offer end-to-end advertising and custom marketing solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who want to reach this professional audience.

The Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network is dedicated to providing cutting-edge articles and practice-relevant resources in oncology and hematology and consists of the following publications:

  • ADC Review: Journal of Antibody-Drug Conjugates – A peer reviewed journal covering all aspects of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), including development and use;
  • Physician’s Weekly Oncology Wallboards – Editorial and meeting coverage of oncology news presented in an easily digestible print format, distributed to HCPs at the point of care;
  • Onco’Zine – Reports on current research and development in oncology and hematology, offering background information, op-eds, and educational tools;
  • The Onco’Zine Brief – An interview and discussion radio broadcast and podcast featuring in-depth roundtable discussions and one-on-one interviews with national recognized oncology experts, key opinion leaders and patient advocates. The program covers a broad range of topics and timely news updates from all oncology disciplines and sub-specialties from around the world;
  • Changing Strategies in the War on Cancer – A video series investigating the development of new approaches in diagnosing and treating cancer, as well as the complexity in developing and manufacturing novel and innovative drugs;
  • International Journal of CAR T-Cell Therapy – A peer reviewed journal promoting the progress of discovery, development, manufacturing, and use of CAR T-Cells; the journal is expected to be launched in 2021.

The Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network will provide a one-of-a-kind platform offering new opportunities for global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to communicate their message to a diverse audience of oncologists, hematologists, nurses and allied healthcare providers, patient advocates, regulators, academia, the scientific and research community, payors, policy makers, business leaders and investors.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Physician’s Weekly and the unique possibility we now can offer our clients with the new Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network,” said Peter Hofland, Ph.D., Managing Partner of Sunvalley Communication.

“The Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network offers high-valuable content included in our current online publications and digital media platforms. In addition, our mission is to create engaging digital (online) publications and deepen our position in the fast-growing section of medical digital audio/podcasts, offering our clients a one-stop shop to develop customized publications, podcasts and educational tools,” Hofland added.

“Our partnership with Sunvalley Communication to create the new Physician’s Weekly Oncology Network is a unique opportunity to unlock our expertise in a new way, bringing together oncology experts and key opinion leaders to create unique content and marketing solutions,” said Greg Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Physician’s Weekly. “We are excited to further our tradition of delivering on the evolving information needs of our healthcare customers.”

About Physician’s Weekly (

For more than 35 years, Physician’s Weekly LLC, has been a trusted source of medical news and education for healthcare professionals. The company’s unique wallboard publication—the cornerstone of its success—is located in over 23,000 top, medical institutions and group practices across the U.S.  Physician’s Weekly offers in-depth interviews with respected experts in the industry who weigh in on landmark research and trending topics affecting the medical community, medical conference and meeting coverage, as well as accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities.

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Sunvalley Communication is a global, high-science, medical communications agency that provides innovative, customized, and effective professional medical education, patient education, online publications development and management, educational webinars, and digital audio/podcast solutions for healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical companies active in oncology, hematology and cancer supportive care.

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