Author and Innovator Joins ThinkGen Board of Advisors


November 8, 2019

Philadelphia, PA, (Month) 2018—ThinkGen, a leading global pharmaceutical market research and consultancy firm, announced that it has added Glenna Crooks, Ph.D., author of The NetworkSage: Realize Your Network Superpower, to its board of advisory experts.

Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer of ThinkGen, said: “Glenna has been an inspirational innovator in health care for many years. Most recently, she recognized, researched and catalogued the connections people have with one another in eight key networks that support life and health. Her advisory role at ThinkGen already is helping us to lead the way in bringing a novel and innovative approach to understanding the patient journey.”

“Understanding the patient journey is necessary, but it is not sufficient until we recognize that the patient is also a person, with daily life concerns beyond those of health or illness,” Dr. Crooks notes. “The quality of a patient’s health network is important to the course of illness, treatment and recovery. So, too, is the quality of a person’s seven non-health-related networks. I’m excited to work with ThinkGen to expand our understanding of the patient journey by incorporating other aspects of their lives, and by understanding the journeys that members of their networks take as the result of the patient’s illness. The patient does not make the journey alone.”

Dr. Crooks is also co-founder of the CogentSage Group, LLC, founder of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc. and author of Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing. She was a senior policy advisor in the Reagan Administration, led Merck’s Global Policy Group and was Global Vice President of Merck’s vaccine business.

She was Chair of the National Commission on Rare Diseases and was recognized for her outstanding achievement in Orphan Products Development. She is a Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Neuroscience and Society and the Drexel University Center for Population Health and Community Involvement. She is the first civilian to have received the highest award in public health, the Surgeon General’s Medallion, from C. Everett Koop, MD.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, ThinkGen is a full-service market research and consultancy firm providing actionable insights to help its clients advance their businesses. ThinkGen is proud to be on the corporate council of NORD, the National Organization for Rare Disorders, and is a corporate partner of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).

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