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Patient Heroes

March 2020

Patient Heroes – The definition of a hero is a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
Making the Patient an Extension of the Team – The concept of patient-centricity is well embedded throughout EVERSANA and is intrinsically tied to helping the agency’s clients achieve their goals. Kristin LaBounty Phillips believes that the entire agency — with a unified commitment to quality in addressing patients’ needs — embodies the concept of “patient hero.”
Breaking Down Barriers to Bring Patients Equal Access to Top-Quality Care – The term “patients first” is not enough, rather it’s “patients always” because patients are our North Star through every stage of development — from discovery to clinical trials to approved treatment.
Clinical Educators Provide Support Along the Whole Patient Journey – Patients are taking an active role in developing relationships with all stakeholders within their healthcare environment.

Featured Thought Leaders:

  • Kristin LaBounty Phillips, Eversana Engage
  • Clinical Educator Teams, VMS BioMarketing
  • Eve Dryer, Retrophin