Editorial Scope

Published 10 times a year, PharmaVOICE is expressly written and designed to deliver the views, opinions, and insights of executives who are shaping the direction of the dynamic life-sciences industry. PharmaVOICE reaches more than 46,652 qualified readers every month.

PharmaVOICE’s unique horizontal editorial approach cuts across industry silos, providing a holistic overview of the life-sciences industry, addressing a range of topics from molecule through market. By engaging compelling personalities from diverse industry sectors, PharmaVOICE provides multiple perspectives on business challenges, trends, and topics. Editorial content sparks dialog, initiates debate, and opens the lines of communication to facilitate and improve business-to-business relationships.

PharmaVOICE‘s unique multiple-perspective and in-depth original forums, feature articles, topics, and departments are audience-driven. PharmaVOICE provides executives with useful peer-to-peer insights on a broad range of business practices and topics, including, but not limited to the following life-science sectors:

AnalystsHealthcare Professionals
AssociationsInformation Technology
Big PharmaLegal
Clinical ServicesMedical Devices
CommunicationsMedical Education
ConsultantsPublic Relations
Contract ResearchRegulatory
Contract SalesResearch & Development
Device/Diagnostic Service Support
 Drug Delivery Specialty Pharma
Drug Discovery Traditional and Nontraditional Media
Emerging Pharma Venture Capital

PharmaVOICE‘s timely and fresh editorial content addresses business opportunities, operating objectives, and breakthrough concepts as they develop.

The mission of PharmaVOICE is to engage the audience through thought-provoking editorial that challenges the status quo, embraces innovative problem-solving strategies and tactics, and communicates principles for success.