HBAdvantage: Achieving Gender Parity – Fall 2016

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Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

November 18, 2016

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s refreshed mission and subsequent strategic plan has been in place throughout 2016. As we move toward
our goal of gender parity through gender partnership, we can look to current research to see where we are.

We are working toward gender parity in leadership positions. We are partnering with organizations and companies that have parallel missions and
vision. We are working to develop women so they are ready to take the most senior roles. We are convening companies to discuss the impediments and solutions to achieve our mutual goals. We are working with our Corporate Partner companies to uncover hidden bias, build gender partnership
and laud those individuals and organizations that get it right.

I encourage you to be part of the transformation. Join us. Attend our events. Become a Corporate Partner. Volunteer. Together we can reach our goal.

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