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May 2004
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Early-stage commercial spending can top million for blockbuster products, [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

Building Bridges: Bringing R&D and Marketing Closer
By Elisabeth Pena Building Bridges and Closer Bringing R&D Marketing Pharmaceutical companies must connect science and marketing at the earliest development stages to optimize resource allocation and produce profitable products. The Bridge Builders Gina Ashe. VP, Marketing and Product Development, InfoMedics Inc., Woburn, Mass.; InfoMedics is the developer and marketer of Patient Experience data, real-world [...]

Elisabeth Pena


Marsha Fanucci: A Team Builder
By Kim Ribbink Team People make an organization. For Marsha Fanucci, Senior VP of Finance and Corporate Strategy at Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., building a quality team capable of propelling a company forward is the best measure of success. MARSHA Fanucci rom pharmaceutical consulting to start-up companies to Genzyme, and now to Millennium, Marsha Fanucci has [...]

Kim Ribbink

Raising Standards to Reduce Pressure
By Elisabeth Pena Raising Standards to Reduce Pressure Last year, the landscape for hypertension medications was sHAKEN by study results and guideline recommendations. But despite all the noise, has anything changed in this market? In the last quarter century, a number of new medications have been developed for the treatment of hypertension, but it has [...]

Elisabeth Pena

Global Brand Development: Debunking The Myths and Understanding The Realities
Global Brand Development Debunking The Myths and Understanding The Realities These are not easy times in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly given pressures to increase shareholder return and value, increased focus on price and generic use, a drop off in new chemical entity approvals, and increased government and public scrutiny. In an exclusive to PharmaVOICE, Richard [...]
The Coordinator: The Heart of a Study
The Coordinator The Heart of a Study By Denise Myshko The role of the clinical research coordinator in the conduct of clinical trialS is often overlooked. Yet, more often than not the coordinators are the ones who carry the research goals forward. oordinators have been called the heart and soul of the study. They are [...]

Denise Myshko