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September 2006
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Talent Pool
Executive Appointments and Promotions Pharma POOL Pamela Harris Patrick Loustau [...]
Nanotech Sector Continues Strong Growth Sales, Marketing, and R&D Trends [...]
Patient Power: Why Your Daughter’s Website Can Move A Market [...]

Anthony Manson

What’s New
New Healthcare-related Products, Services, and Companies Scientific Advantage Launches MSL [...]
On the Calendar
Your Source for Life-Sciences Events and Conference Information Professional education [...]
New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies InfoMedics’ Treatment [...]
Letter from the Editor
Ben Franklin and Taren Grom at the MediciGroup booth at [...]
Consumers Talk Back Countering DTC Criticism Challenging many of the [...]

On The Cover

Cross-functional teams: Models of success
Representation from all the key disciplines — toxicology, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, pharmacology, manufacturing, legal, and, yes, marketing — is essential for drug-development success today. A cross-functional model allows companies to bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization to bring products to market quicker and more efficiently. PharmaVOICE interviewed four cross-functional teams for this month’s Forum. [...]

Denise Myshko


Managing Lifestyles With Medicines
Consumers who have the desire to improve their quality of life are looking for curative powers from select pharmaceuticals. Hair loss, too much hair, wrinkles, erectile dysfunction — while unpleasant and, at times, inconvenient — are not life-threatening conditions. Yet pharmaceutical products associated with treating these conditions are growing in popularity and creating a conundrum [...]

Cynthia Borda

Global Perspective
Staffing Multinational Trials A Time for Creative Solutions In the past decade, an unprecedented push to field Global clinical trials has boosted the demand for patients and CRAs from Asia to Zambia. Sponsors expect rock-bottom pricing, transparency, local staff with a breadth of experience, and a high level of service. Yet one of the greatest [...]
DIA 2006 — Annual Conference
DIA 2006 — Breaks Attendance Records September 2006 Sanjay Gupta, M.D., senior medical correspondent for the health and medical unit at CNN, practicing neurosurgeon, and an assistant professor of neurosurgery gave the keynote speech at the 42nd Annual DIA Meeting. The conference drew record numbers — about 8,600 attendees gathered in Philadelphia for the five-day [...]
Pharma Has The Data But Not The Information
Michael Rosenberg, M.D., MPH, President and CEO of Health Decisions Inc., Chapel Hill, N.C., discusses why, compared with other large industries, pharma’s automation processes lag behind. Are you involved with clinical research? If so, take a moment to imagine what if every clinical research assistant (CRA), monitor, and project manager working with a study were [...]
IRBs The Safety Gatekeepers
By Denise Myshko Current pressures to speed drugs to market have resulted in the increased use of independent, centralized institutional review boards as an alternative to academic IRBs, because they can offer faster and more efficient protocol reviews. Institutional review boards, or IRBs, are an important piece of the clinical-trial puzzle. IRBs are the gatekeepers [...]

Denise Myshko

Name That Brand
Choosing a brand name is the most defining moment in a pharmaceutical product’s life. Name That Brand September 2006 Apharmaceutical product’s brand name is more than a series of letters that identify a chemical compound or biological agent used to treat a specific condition. The brand name evokes a feeling, in some cases hope and [...]

Elisabeth Pena Villarroel

The Discovery Bug — Dr. Graham Allaway
By Kim Ribbink Graham Allaway, Ph.D. Whether Dr. Allaway is exploring the open seas in his single-handed Laser or investigating uncharted areas in virology, he attends to both with equal passion, commitment, and focus. In small companies, people are pulling in the same direction; it’s truly a team effort. For private companies in particular, there [...]

Kim Ribbink