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June 2006
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New Healthcare-related Products, Services, and Companies U.S. Subsidiaries Form Daiichi [...]
Genomics Will Drive Drug Development Once clear, unambiguous pathways and [...]
Talent Pool
Pharma POOL Linda DaSilva Kristina Duke Terri Fortenberry Sean Spears [...]
On the Calendar
Your Source for Life-Sciences Events and Conference Information Professional education [...]
GE Healthcare Launches Laboratory Assets System GE Healthcare has introduced [...]
Contributed by Donna Lee Yesner Donna Lee Yesner talks about [...]

Donna Lee Yesner

FDA Draft Guidance Impact on the E-PRO Industry Contributed by [...]

Dr. Richard Piazza

Letter from the Editor
Throughout the year, PharmaVOICE strives to keep current with the [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

What’s on Your Mind — Opinions
Politics and Healthcare Politics and healthcare are inextricably intertwined. What [...]
Office Visits — The Doctor Is In Docs Want More [...]

On The Cover

Meet the R&D Leaders
By Denise Myshko Executives charged with R&D responsibilities within biotech and pharmaceutical organizations, both large and small, face myriad opportunities and challenges. Drug development is a costly and risky business. The pharmaceutical industry is challenged by many factors related to discovering, researching, and developing new medicines. From translational research to the development of targeted therapies [...]

Denise Myshko


DIA Annual Meeting Showcase
DIA Annual Meeting Showcase A review of new products, tools, and services being launched by exhibitors at the 42nd Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, June 18-22. TrialCentralNet 4.0 gives our clients the flexibility to navigate the clinical-study process, communicate real-time study status to colleagues, and make confident, data-driven decisions, says Joan F. Bachenheimer, Founding Principal of [...]
Overemphasis on Salesforce May Shortchange Promotion
Larry Iaquinto of Interlink discusses why a well-balanced marketing program that includes advertising, public relations, and nonpersonal sales promotion is critical for getting the sales message to customers. Overemphasis on salesforce may shortchange promotion Larry Iaquinto, President and Chief Operating Officer of Interlink Healthcare Communications, discusses why a well-balanced marketing program that also includes advertising, [...]
Meeting the Needs of Patients with Rare Diseases
Incentives designed to bring drugs to the market to treat rare diseases have been successful, yielding 280 products, but there are still many patients without adequate treatment. The National Institutes of Health Office of Rare Diseases (ORD) lists more than 6,000 rare diseases affecting an estimated 25 million people in the United States. The goals [...]

Cynthia Borda

Celebrating Compliance
Celebrating compliance successes 5th Annual Patient Compliance, Adherence, and Persistency Conference AstraZeneca’s Commitment to Compliance Astrazeneca is focused on getting the best from every medicine it makes by exploring all the ways it can be used or improved. This commitment to innovation, which reaches beyond research to creativity throughout the organization, was recognized at CBI’s [...]
Making the Web Patient Friendly
As patients and consumers continue to turn to the Internet for health-related information, pharmaceutical marketers are refining their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make sure information-hungry consumers are being correctly directed to the right sites. Getting, and Staying, on Top of the Internet Almost 99% of Internet users report employing search engines, according to [...]

Elisabeth Pena Villarroel

BIO 2006 — Annual Conference
BIO 2006 — Annual Conference BIO 2006 — Breaks Attendance Records BIO 2006 conference wrap-up Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Health and Human Services Secretary Michael O. Leavitt, an ethanol-fueled race car, and the world’s largest indoor cornfield boosted attendance at BIO 2006 to a record 19,479 attendees from 62 countries. The 14th Annual International [...]
Stepping Up to Challenges Across the Board — Theresa Kane Musser
Stepping Up to Challenges Across the Board For every idea and opinion, there are contrary points of view; this give and take is what feeds innovation, propels scientific thinking and discovery, and creates rounded, well-adjusted teams and companies. It’s a perspective that Theresa Kane Musser embraces. She is a true advocate for teamwork, diversity of [...]

Kim Ribbink