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February 2006
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Pharma POOL Stephen Andrzejewski Dan McCall Adriann Sax King Promotes [...]
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New Healthcare-related Products, Services, and Companies Quintiles Medical Communications Restructures [...]
New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Covance Enhances [...]
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Your Source for Life-Sciences Events and Conference Information Professional education [...]
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Marketing is everything that a company does to reach and [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

Device Trends Source: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., New York Five [...]
For Art’s Sake
Stopping power seems to be harder to achieve these days [...]
Pharmaceutical Consumerism and the Next Phase of Drug Promotion Contributed [...]

Russell LaMontagne

Consumer Health Market Trends Show Continued Interest in E-Based Sources [...]

On The Cover

Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing
Forum By Elisabeth Pena Villarroel Creating Alignment for Effective Product Messaging One of the most challenging issues facing sales and marketing departments in life-sciences companies is integrating their internal communications platforms for optimal product messaging. Misaligned objectives and poor communications are two of the factors that play a role in the disconnect between the groups. [...]

Elisabeth Pena Villarroel


Depression: The Market for Lifting Moods
By Cynthia Borda The antidepressant market, while mature, is dynamic. Various market shapers — including increased regulatory oversight and safety-labeling changes; imminent loss of patent protection for some leading products; and the development of new drug formulations and classes — are influencing research and promotional strategies. Depression is a debilitating illness that affects a person’s [...]

Cynthia Borda

Marketing to Real Life Frasiers & Mirandas
Marketing to Boomers Marketing to Real Life Frasiers & Mirandas Lori Laurent Smith and David Lockwood, both of Campbell-Ewald Health, discuss why the time is ripe for the healthcare community to support the growing population of boomer caregivers. Pharma marketers need to connect with each boomer on a personal level and let caregivers know they [...]
Creating A New Culture — Hiromi Yoshikawa
  After significant accomplishments that helped put Otsuka on the map — a major systems implementation in China and the establishment of Otsuka business entities in Europe — Hiromi Yoshikawa is establishing new business dynamics at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc. Loyalty is central to Hiromi Yoshikawa’s character. It is what has kept him at one [...]

Kim Ribbink

Table of Contents
On the Cover Bridging the gap between sales and marketing One of the most challenging issues facing sales and marketing departments in life-sciences companies is integrating their internal communications for optimal product messaging. By working at senior levels to create a single vision for sales and marketing, companies can decrease costs, enhance effectiveness and efficacy [...]
Drug Delivery: A Pipeline of Research and Market Opportunities
By Denise Myshko Delivery technologies will play an increasingly important role in the drug-development process as a means to improve the efficacy of a drug; make a drug safer, more effective, or convenient; extend its patent life; or differentiate it in the marketplace. In recent years, there have been a number of exciting advances in [...]

Denise Myshko