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August 2004
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Talent Pool
Talent Pool Executive Appointments and Promotions in the Healthcare Industry [...]
E-Media New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies AXIS [...]
Contributed by Ash Nashed, M.D. Beyond Synergy Why DTC Demands [...]
What’s New
What’s new New healthcare-related products, services, and companies inChord Launches [...]
Raise Your Voice — Letters
Raise your voice Letters Times have changed In today’s highly [...]
For Art’s Sake
Creative Review Each month, this department pays homage to memorable [...]
Pharma Counsel Legal Counsel: Public Perception Minimizing Liability, Maximizing Public [...]
Letter from the Editor
Letter From the Editor Relationship building Life-cycle management takes the [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

Pharma Trax Sales, marketing, And R&D Trends affecting the healthcare [...]

On The Cover

Life-Cycle Management: The Ultimate Client-Agency Relationship
Life-cycle Management The Ultimate Client-Agency Relationship By Elisabeth Pena With billion of products facing patent expiration by 2008, fewer drugs in the pipeline, greater generic competition, and decreasing revenue and growth rates, the pharmaceutical industry is facing some of its biggest challenges yet. Proactive life-cycle management is one way to fully harness the potential [...]

Elisabeth Pena


Patient Registries: Observations of the Real World
Patient registries Observations of the Real World By Denise Myshko There is no such thing as a standard registry. We have to strike a balance: do we ask a lot of questions or just a few? We also need to consider the work load for the investigators. DR. herve Caspard Through patient registries, pharmaceutical companies [...]

Denise Myshko

Improving Advocacy Relations
Improving Advocacy relations By Elisabeth Pena By forming relationships with advocacy organizations, pharmaceutical companies can better serve their target patient populations, which in turn will give them allies in the court of public opinion. P harmaceutical companies are in the middle of a public-relations crisis. In recent years, consumer media reports have been full of [...]

Elisabeth Pena

Frank Baldino: A Man For All Seasons
A Man For All Sseasons By Kim Ribbink From an ambitious idea to a savvy business plan, Frank Baldino Jr., Ph.D., CEO, Chairman, and Founder of Cephalon, has created one of the fastest-growing biotech companies in the world. Like scientists the world over, Frank Baldino Jr., Ph.D., is driven by a straightforward philosophy: wanting to [...]

Kim Ribbink

Medication Safety, Eight Focus Areas
Medication Safety 8 Focus Areas Long before the topic became part of a broader, national dialogue, the responsibility to improve patient safety was top of mind with nearly every professional within the vast chain of healthcare. But significant improvements are often difficult to achieve and elusive for health-care organizations. Is there a secret for success? [...]