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November 2005
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Sales, Marketing, and R&D Trends from Industry Analysts Pharma Trax [...]
Dr. Ronald Salerno Contributed by Dr. Ronald Salerno Advancing the [...]

Dr. Ronald Salerno

For Art’s Sake
Creative Review Each month, this department pays tribute to memorable [...]
Talent Pool
Executive Appointments and Promotions November 2005 Talent Pool Pharma POOL [...]
What’s New
New Healthcare-related Products, Services, and Companies inChord and DWA Create [...]
New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Wilson Learning [...]
Raise Your Voice — Letters
November 2005 Lessons to be learned As illustrated by the [...]
Letter from the Editor
The numbers are staggering: 70% of all medical prescriptions go [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

Putting the Patient First:
Making Compliance a Priority

Although patient noncompliance has been an industry focus for more than 30 years, pharmaceutical companies continue to search for solutions to keep patients compliant and persistent. The Cost of Noncompliance How Big is the Noncompliance Problem? 70% of all medical prescriptions go unconsumed, leading to billion in excess healthcare costs each year. 30% to [...]

Elisabeth Pena Villarroel


The Doctors’ Choice Awards
Journal Advertising A Powerful Medium November 2005 According to experts at the AMP, the high level of physicians’ responses to this year’s TDC reaffirms the role medical journal advertising plays as an information source for physicians about pharmaceutical products. Medical journal advertising remains fundamental because it resonates with how doctors learned medicine — through the [...]
A Candid Visionary – Dr. Candace Kendle
November 2005 PharmaVOICE Photography: Donald Ventre/Ventre Photo Illustration With a mix of inspiration and perspiration, Candace Kendle, Pharm.D., has built a small pharma project management and monitoring service into a large, globally respected clinical research organization. A stalwart, never-say-can’t attitude and a real passion for clinical research have turned Candace Kendle, Pharm.D., chairman, CEO, and [...]

Kim Ribbink

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Compensation: Time for an overhaul
A look at the minimum and maximum potential for each sales territory can give companies better insight into what their sales reps are actually contributing. This information can provide a way to devise new and fairer compensation patterns that will generate more motivation for sales reps and, ultimately, more profits for their employers. S. Kent [...]
The Power of ePRO
In the past few years, drug developers and regulatory agencies have become increasingly receptive to the use of electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) devices in clinical trials. The vast majority of patient-reported outcomes are still recorded in paper-based diaries, but a broad range of appropriate, easy-to-use electronic technologies promise better patient compliance, increased data quality, and, [...]

Autumn Konopka

Site Unseen:
Uncovering the Concerns of Investigators

Daniel Manak Investigators need to be realistic about what clinical research is about; they’re not going to make loads of money doing research. On the other hand, sponsors need to recognize that investigators, coordinators, and clinical research investigative sites aren’t there to subsidize their research. The investigator is a crucial player in helping pharmaceutical companies [...]

Kim Ribbink