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February 2005
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February 15-17 WCBF Six Sigma in Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Hyatt [...]
Talent Pool
Pharma POOL Matthew E. Czajkowski aaiPharma Appoints Executive VP, Chief [...]
For Art’s Sake
Each month, this department pays homage to memorable advertising and [...]
Pharma’s Clouds Aren’t Darkening the Employee Recruitment Outlook Contributed by [...]

Julie B. Kampf

Drug Importation Poses Risks A federal HHS Task Force has [...]
What’s New
inChord Establishes The Navicor Group New agency to offer expertise [...]
Document Control Systems Releases Updated MASTERControl Quality Management Suite The [...]
Raise Your Voice — Letters
Relationship building As a veteran public-relations professional, long-time volunteer, and [...]
Letter from the Editor
Building Consensus Dendrite hosted its Second Annual Pharmaceutical Sales and [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

Sea Change
Sea Change Turning the tide The Product Life-Cycle Management Wave Commonly thought of as a strategy for the end-phase of a drug, life-cycle management increasingly is being deployed by life-sciences executives earlier in the development phases to maximize product value, provide greater benefits to patients and physicians, and combat the impact of the dying blockbuster [...]

Elisabeth Pena


Dr. Peter Milner — In Search of Real Solutions
Peter Milner In search of real solutions From his years in medical school and throughout his career, Peter Milner, M.D., has questioned conventional wisdom, always looking for new ways to approach diseases and the drugs that treat them. It is that inquisitiveness, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, that led Dr. Milner to form ARYx Therapeutics, [...]

Kim Ribbink

Fee-For-Service: Getting What You Pay For
VIEW on Wholesale Pricing Models In an exclusive to PharmaVOICE, Adam J. Fein, Ph.D., Founder and President of Pembroke Consulting Inc., a firm that helps senior executives of wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and B2B technology companies build and sustain market leadership, discusses why pharmaceutical manufacturers must learn how to use fee structures to leverage their influence [...]
The PC Approach to Improving the Detail
The Tablet PC is starting to gain more traction in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as a tool for sales reps during a detail. While concerns over price, size, and user-friendliness remain, industry experts predict their use will continue to increase.ime is not on their side. Pharmaceutical sales representatives have mere seconds when meeting with physicians. [...]

Lisa Dress

Table of Contents
on the cover Sea change: Turning the tide — the product life-cycle management wave Life-science executives are turning to product life-cycle management earlier in development to maximize product value and combat the impact of the dying blockbuster model. 12 FEATURES Connecting the dots Ensuring trial-supply management is an integral part of overall clinical- trials management, [...]
Connecting the Dots
Ensuring trial-supply management is an integral part of overall clinical-trials management and manufacturing can bring efficiency to development and save companies time and money. Discussions about increasing efficiency and reducing time lines in clinical development often focus on patient and investigator recruitment for trials. But a critical area that doesn’t get as much attention is [...]

Denise Myshko