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January 2019
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Letter from the Editor
Artificial Intelligence Happy New Year. As we enter 2019, we [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

Medicinal Theater BioMarin Pharmaceutical and Believe Ltd. sponsored a first-of-its-kind [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Payers Use Healthtech to Improve Patient Outcomes, Lower Costs Trend [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Key to Improving Healthcare Quality, Reducing Costs Trend [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Innovator’s Corner
Modifying the Immune Response in Celiac Leslie Williams, CEO of [...]

Leslie Williams, CEO of ImmusanT

Last Word
Combating Opioid Addiction Sarah Akerman, M.D., Senior Medical Director at [...]

Sarah Akerman, M.D., Senior Medical Director at Alkermes

On The Cover

Artificial Intelligence: Molecule to Market
The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking hold across global businesses, including the life-sciences industry. AI is typically defined as the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions associated with human minds, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, and problem solving. AI also includes a range of capabilities to solve business problems. According [...]

Denise Myshko and Robin Robinson


SHOWCASE: Social Media: A Strategic Approach: Key to Social Media Success
Data from the second quarter of 2018 show that Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users, while Twitter had 326 million active users in the third quarter of 2018. Consumers use social media for many reasons today, including to learn about a medicine or illness. The use of social media forums is maturing and many [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

2019 Social Media Trends for Pharma
In a relatively short period of time, social media has reshaped communication for consumers and healthcare professionals alike. No longer are users simply posting content and communicating amongst themselves — social channels are now dominated by media reaching specifically targeted audiences. Looking forward to what lies ahead in the social space, we have compiled the [...]

Brandie Linfante, Senior VP, Digital Engagement Strategy, Ogilvy Health and Martha Maranzani, Senior VP Digital Engagement Strategy, Ogilvy Health

Drug Pricing Transparency: Will it be Now or Never?
In the ongoing clash between pharma and the Trump administration over pricing issues, CMS proposed a rule last year that would require pharmaceutical companies to include the price of any drug that cost more than a month in their television ads. PhRMA preempted the salvo with a voluntary pledge to provide information in DTC [...]

Robin Robinson

The Coming Wave of Cannabis-based Medicines
Cannabis has remained a source of controversy — from debates on its medicinal value and legalization to concerns about dependency. Cannabis is a hot-button issue among patients, healthcare practitioners, and policymakers. But that is changing. In fact, 32 states and Washington, D.C., now allow marijuana to be prescribed for medical purposes, although their approaches differ. [...]

Denise Myshko

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Why Diversity is a Business Imperative
If verbal assurances were translated into reality, U.S. businesses would be well-ahead of the game when it comes to diversity and inclusion. But that’s just not the case. Unfortunately, a comprehensive study from McKinsey found that far from making progress, gender diversity has stalled. For a 2018 survey, 279 companies with more than 13 million [...]

Kim Ribbink

Red Zone: To Gain Competitive Advantage, Learn Your ABCDs
Understanding and staying engaged with patients throughout their treatment and wellness journey is a primary focus of the entire life sciences industry. The benefits are clear: • Patients’ trust in the therapy and its ecosystem grows • Longitudinal data on patient progress provides evidence for value-based contracts • Pharma manufacturers gain “stickiness’ with patients and [...]

Sriraman Nagarajan, Vice President, Life Sciences, Cognizant