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July 2003
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Talent Pool
60 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE Pharma POOL [...]
56 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE EMEDIA NEW [...]
What’s New
The first set of international publishing guidelines developed from with [...]
On the Calendar
July 1718,2003,The Watergate Hotel — Washington,D.C. Metabonomics Industry experts will [...]
50 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE PHARMA TRAX [...]
For Art’s Sake
Creative Review OsteoBiFlex, the neckbolted wonder is shown whipping up [...]
In nearly every aspect of today’s society, we enjoy the [...]

John M. Hudak

Raise Your Voice: Letters
RAISE your voice Resultsoriented partnerships We read with great interest [...]

On The Cover

Building a Corporate Identity
8 J u l y 2 00 3 PharmaVOICE E M For the first time, individual companies must establish their own identity with consumers. Executives should focus on identifying their company’s most unique and positive characteristics and communicate them in a single, simple message that can be translated for each portion of the business and [...]

Kim Ribbink


Wendell J. Knox- Business With Integrity
A contract for strengthening the health system in postconflict Iraq. In its Domestic Social and Economic Poli cy group, Abt Associates works with a wide range of government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, for whom it helps to improve policies and regulations to reduce pollutants, and the Centers for Disease Control, for whom it [...]

Kim Ribbink

The Lessons of Greed
38 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE TWASALLABOUTMONEY. That’s how Bruce I. Diamond, Ph.D., describes how he, a distinguished professor and clinical researcher, ended up in prison for theft and misrepresentation. Dr. Diamond, a pharmacologist, is a former professor with the department of psychiatry and former director of the neuropsychophar macology laboratory at the [...]
You’ve Got Mail
30 J u l y 20 03 PharmaVOICE D Directmail efforts are one of the industry’s most reliable tools for tar geting and reaching consumers. As email has risen in popularity, the use of postal mail as a directmarketing tool has declined. Industry experts, however, don’t believe that new electronic methods will replace postal mail. [...]

Elisabeth Pena

Drugs For Seniors Take Center Stage
ever there was a political hot pota to, a Medicare drug benefit is it. For at least a dozen years now, there has been much debate — but little consensus — on how such a benefit for Medicare beneficiaries should be structured and financed. Senior cit izens, politicians, healthcare, and pharmaceu tical leaders all agree [...]

Denise Myshko

Letter from the Editor
3 PharmaVOICE J u l y 2 00 3 PUBLISHER Lisa Banket EDITOR Taren Grom CREATIVE DIRECTOR Marah Walsh DIRECTOR OF SALES Darlene Kwiatkowski MANAGING EDITOR Denise Myshko CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Elisabeth Pena Kim Ribbink Lynda Sears Copyright 2003 by PharmaLinx LLC, Titusville, NJ Printed in the U.S.A. Volume Three, Number Seven PharmaVOICE is published 12 [...]

Taren Grom, Editor