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August 2003
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Talent Pool
Pharma POOL Anne NOBLES Dr.Thomas VERHOEVEN Lilly Announces Personnel Changes [...]
58 A ug u s t 20 03 PharmaVOICE EMEDIA [...]
What’s New
aaiPharma Inc. has launched a new identity for its pharmaceutical [...]
52 Aug u s t 20 03 PharmaVOICE PHARMA TRAX [...]
For Art’s Sake
Creative Review The visual in the series is striking and powerful on [...]
46 A ug u s t 20 03 PharmaVOICE Highly [...]
8 Au gu s t 2 00 3 PharmaVOICE exacerbated [...]
Raise your voice: Letters
6 Au gu s t 2 00 3 PharmaVOICE RAISE [...]
Letter from the Editor
3 PharmaVOICE Au gu s t 2 00 3 PUBLISHER [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

Learning to Work With E-Learning
Learning to work with BY ELISABETH PENA As technology continues to make highspeed communication a reality, the industry is beginning to take advantage of these tools to teach and train. Using the Internet in combination with traditional teaching principles, companies can span great distances and disseminate information through blended learning to large groups of people [...]

Elisabeth Pena


Spiros Jamas — A Chemical Reaction
DR.SPIROS JAMAS is leading Enanta Pharmaceuticals by tapping the company’s primary strength in its integration of chemistry and biology to tackle new targets and specific drugdevelopment challenges from all possible angles right from the start. He is relying on the hardwon lessons learned from his 11 years at the helm of AlphaBeta Technologies, a biotech [...]

Kim Ribbink

The New Pharmaceutical Frontier
36 A ug u s t 20 03 PharmaVOICE Henry McKinnell, Pfizer’s CEO says the acquisition of Pharmacia means that the com pany is wellpositioned to become a transforming force in global healthcare. For Rob Benson, executive VP of Healthworld Global Business Group, this implies much more than the world’s top company, in capitalized value, [...]
Overcoming Diversity Obstacles: A Clinical Imperative
22 Aug u s t 20 03 PharmaVOICE HE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT, research into responses to medicine, even the results of several clinical trials indicate that race and ethnicity do have bearing on the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuti cals. Consequently, it is critical that pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and inves tigators ensure that a diverse [...]

Kim Ribbink and Denise Myshko